About this blog

South Leeds Life does what it says on the tin. A group of people who live and work in South Leeds got together to start the blog in November 2010.

Bloggers Dave, Steve, John, Laura & Jeremy

We aim to tell you about events and stories going on in South Leeds – Holbeck, Beeston, Cottingley, Hunslet, Belle Isle & Middleton. We would like you to feedback, add your comments and contribute articles.

This blog stands in South Leeds’ long tradition of welcoming people into its communities. We celebrate the diversity of our communities and value the contributions that people have brought to South Leeds from all over the world. We will not tolerate abusive or disrespectful posts or comments.

Most of the articles on this site come from a network of local people who send in information. We’re always delighted to hear more – please send suggestions, moans, groans, events and good news to .

There’s a small team of us who write regularly. We go on holiday, have lives and stuff so it isn’t a 365×24 process. We welcome people writing guest posts or becoming more regular contributors to the site and we can offer help or support if you’re not sure how to go about it.

The blog is run by South Leeds Life Group, a fully constituted community group which meets monthly and has an AGM where officers are elected. Here’s the link to the South Leeds Life Group Constitution. Oh, and we were shortlisted in the best city and neighbourhood blog category at the prestigious Blog North 2012 awards in Manchester.

You may have seen the South Leeds Life magazine on your travels. That’s published independently from this group, although we do have close ties. More on the magazine here.

What are your politics?

This site is not affiliated to any political group – we are interested in making the area a better place, not the politics. We work with whoever is committed to helping us. We don’t allow comments on party politics and our readers tell us they like it that way.

How do you handle comments?

We are always delighted when people comment on the issues we raise. We are realistic about the fact that many open comment sites are, bluntly, ruined by crazy people. Comments on SLL are moderated before approval. We approve comments that disagree with the overall tone of the site, but not ranters or flamers etc.


The views expressed on this blog are those of individual authors/commenters and do not reflect those of the blog in general. Copyright for words, images and photographs remain with the author at all times.