Hunslet & Riverside Ward

Here is the list of candidates standing for the three seats in Hunslet & Riverside Ward in the 2018 local elections.

Remember this is an ‘all out’ election and you can vote for up to three candidates.

Each candidate has been offered the opportunity to supply further details of their candidacy and we will add this information to this page as we receive it.

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Ed Carlisle  Green Party lead candidate

Eunice Goncalves  Green Party second choice candidate

Alaric Hall  Green Party third choice candidate

Mohammed Iqbal   Labour Party

Elizabeth Nash  Labour Party

Richard Salt  Conservative Party Candidate

Kenny Saunders  Independent

Scott Smith  Conservative Party Candidate

James Spencer  Liberal Democrats

Michael Wheeler  Conservative Party Candidate

Paul Wray  Labour Party



Green Party lead candidate

20 Harlech Avenue, Beeston Hill, Leeds, LS11 7DT

I’ve lived, worked and volunteered across this area for 15+ years. I’ve co-led or supported dozens of projects, including Beeston Festival, Holbeck Viaduct, Leeds Repair Cafe, Hunslet Gala, Waterfront Festival, South Leeds Life, schools and youth work, and sports and outward-bound programmes.

I love this city and its communities — and got fed up of councillors who live far away, and seem unable to make any impact locally. With the incredible support of a wide range of local people, I’ve stood in elections for this area since 2015. I’ve come a strong second each time: we’re the only credible alternative here to tired old Labour.

We’re active year-round, working with other residents and the authorities to tackle local issues including: bins, housing, crime, waste and recycling, paths and roads, and more. (Full details in our giant Community Manifesto.) At the heart of this is working with local people, building innovative and locally-led solutions to the challenges we face.

This year’s unusual all-out election presents a unique opportunity for us to turn over a new leaf, elect local people with a long track-record of making a difference, and turn our communities and city around for good.,,

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Eunice Helena Dos Santos Almeida Barbosa Vicente GONCALVES

Green Party second choice candidate

43 Bismarck Street, Leeds, LS11 6TW

I’m proud to be standing as a Green candidate alongside Ed.

I’m originally from Portugal, but have made my home in Hunslet and Beeston Hill, with my husband and two children; I also work locally. I love the vibrant community life here, which my family and I are very involved in. And Ed and the work he’s doing has been inspiring: it’s helped get me engaged even more in our community. I’ve volunteered at local charities including St Luke’s Cares, and various events and projects.

If you vote for your Green candidates, we can take this work up a level. We want to get away from Labour’s top-down approach, where councillors from north Leeds impose policies on our communities. We’re out and about locally, talking with residents, building an active grassroots politics in this area.

Litter is a particular problem, and Labour’s decision to charge people for bulky waste has encouraged fly-tipping in our neighbourhoods. The Greens will keep fighting these charges — and also remain active on the ground, supporting people to make an environment they’re proud of. I want to help lead people in improving their own communities, and being a voice for us all on the Council.

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Alaric Timothy Peter HALL

Green Party third choice candidate

514 Greenhouse, Beeston Road, Leeds, LS11 6AP

Like Ed and Eunice, I’m committed to the hands-on work of building stronger communities. I run residents’ associations, volunteer as a school governor, and help organise community projects and events.

But Ed and the Green Party can also offer a bigger vision for Leeds — if we’re elected.

Take transport. Hunslet and Riverside is dominated by big roads which carve the area apart, and give us some of the UK’s worst air pollution. But the Council lacks the vision of Manchester, Sheffield, or Birmingham — and in particular, keeps failing to work with local communities on change. The Green Party have detailed and achievable policies (developed with local people) for a better-connected city, improving public transport, tackling air pollution, and more.

Meanwhile, south Leeds is saddled with poorly-insulated, and often poorly-maintained houses. We’ll keep pushing for affordable energy-efficiency schemes that would save money for residents and stimulate the local economy. We will develop landlord licensing schemes. We’ll fight to hold the big dodgy housing developers to account, and ramp up support for community-led alternatives.

We’re hands-on with the nitty gritty of community life, but we also have real vision for a better city. It’s time for change in Hunslet and Riverside.

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Mohammed IQBAL

Labour Party

21A Copgrove Road, Leeds, LS8 2SP


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Elizabeth Anne NASH

Labour Party

92 Morris Lane, Leeds, LS5 3EN


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Richard Mark SALT

Conservative Party Candidate

99 Clarence House, The Boulevard, Leeds, LS10 1LG


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11 Sandon Place, Leeds, LS10 2DQ

I have lived in Hunslet for fifty years and brought up a family here. I was educated at Hunslet National and Cockburn High school and served an apprenticeship at Henry Berry & Co Engineering. Four years ago I was elected Chairman of Hunslet Carr Residents Association and have had success with a number of projects. I am passionate about the area and would welcome the opportunity to represent Hunslet & Riverside.

As an Independent councillor, my intention is to do the best I can for Hunslet & Riverside. I am committed to our area, I believe that a councillor representing this ward should live in the ward because it is important to act on the things that matter to the people living here, we need to listen to residents and understand local priorities. I would like people to be proud to live in Hunslet & Riverside ward.

Let us stop the inequality between the wards in Leeds. In times of financial cutbacks it is important that residents know where their council funding is going in their local area. We need increased investment and support for communities & facilities which will strengthen and grow our community.

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @saunders_party
  • Facebook: Kenny Saunders

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Scott David Ian SMITH

Conservative Party Candidate

Apartment 11, McClure House, The Boulevard, Leeds, LS10 1LR

I’ve lived in Hunslet and Riverside for two years and have loved every minute. It’s been great to see new businesses thrive even since I arrived: filling previously empty space, creating jobs and providing everything from great coffee to financial services to the people of Leeds and beyond.

I’m proud of the Conservative government’s record. Unemployment in Leeds has fallen by almost half since 2010. The lowest paid have had a pay rise of more than £2,000 since 2016. All the while, taxes on business and families have fallen: we all keep more of what we earn.

But life is still too difficult for too many in Hunslet and Riverside. I’m hopeful that Universal Credit will help make ends meet more easily, but I believe in the power of strong communities to tackle poverty too, and would hope to work on this if elected.

Labour have just hiked our council tax again, this time by almost 5%. Yet again, we’re set to see virtually nothing in return. It’s time for change, and I hope you’ll give all three votes to Hunslet and Riverside’s Conservative candidates on 3 May to achieve it. To represent this brilliant community would be a privilege.

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James Michael SPENCER

Liberal Democrats

Thorne Croft, Burras Lane, Otley, LS21 3ET

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full. We aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. We believe that the role of the state and local government is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives.

If I am elected as a member of the Council I will seek to uphold these values on behalf of the people of Leeds and of Hunslet and Riverside in particular.

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Michael Edward John WHEELER

Conservative Party Candidate

Flat 32, Flax House, Navigation Walk, Leeds, LS10 1JH


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Paul Ian WRAY

Labour Party

Apartment 50, Crozier House, The Boulevard, Leeds, LS10 1LQ

I live and work in Hunslet and Riverside and have done for 12 years. South Leeds is my home, and proudly so. It is incredibly diverse – from the gated Riverside communities, to Hunslet with its proud industrial heritage and Beeston Hill with its diverse communities. In the last 8 years, I’ve supported elected Labour Councillors and our MP – learning the challenging demands of public service, and I’ve knocked on tens-of-thousands of doors and had thousands of conversations. I know our community’s needs – you’ve told me.

Whether it’s taking on rogue landlords, our pollution health crisis, investing in parks, working with the Police to cut crime, or building an economy where we all prosper – the to-do list is significant and complex.

I’m standing to serve you. I’ve seen the needs of our diverse set of communities and I know delivering our city’s vision of being the best place to live requires someone not only with passion but experience, a depth of character and a willingness to do the work – both in our communities and at Civic Hall.

I know I have those qualities needed and I care about where I live and my fellow citizens.

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