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New Memory Cafe opens at Middleton Elderly Aid

A new Memory Café is to open on Wednesday 28 February between 1.30-3pm and will be held last Wednesday of every month at Middleton Elderly Aid.

I have Dementia myself and found these memory cafés very useful where you can get advice and a chat over a cup of coffee.

Come and join us for a monthly social afternoon in a relaxed atmosphere.

I started one at the Parnaby Tavern in Hunslet along with Peter Smith three years ago and now I’m starting this one with Peter Smith and Alex Caine.

As far as I know this is a first for Middleton and thanks must go to Sam of Middleton Elderly Aid for giving us this opportunity, and of course to Peter and Alex.

Peter is well known in the South Leeds area, and Rothwell for setting up Memory Cafés, and will come along when he can.



All people with Memory problems welcome, along with their other halves or Carers.




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